We Are VCD

"Publication that showcases the work of senior design students at The School of The Art Institute.


Digital projection for BFA 2014 Graduation Show. Word pairs selected from tweeter feeds or from audience in real time at #codedg. System coded in processing.

FIRST 2014

Design proposal for SAIC's FIRST publication. This design commemorates the work of freshmen students by focusing in the moment of creative inspiration, which turns into order when collcted works are displayed in a publication setting. Each colored dot correspond to the average color of the work submitted by each student, reinforcing the idea of individual creative experience.

Two Cities Two Codes

Statistical deconstruction & presentation of the poems 'Mannahatta' by Walt Whitman and 'Chicago' by Carl Sandburg. Bar histogram: ASCII code of 'Mannahatta'. Chicago map: Letter frequency in 'Chicago'. Glitched imagery done by embedding excerts of poems in image code.

Typo Berlin 2013

Identity and mailer program for the Typo Berlin 2013 conference. This year's theme was 'touch'. Touch implies physical closedness, but also by touching one learns and transforms. The folding nature of the mailer invites to manipulation


Brand design for Rubik's like toy puzzle line. Inspired by woodcut hatching patterns & Escher's prints. Complexity of the box patterns relates with complexity of the puzzle.


Flat souvenir package that unfolds into a small representation of Calder's iconic 'Flamingo' sculpture.

Mind Wars

Original board game design & packaging. Includes a deck of Zener cards as a randomizer. Board is modular and players can modify it during gameplay.

Lust Plinko

Infographic of online chat message data incurred over a period of three weeks. Presented as a game of chance.

Calder & Contemporary Art

Layout for a chapter of "Calder and Contemporary Art" by Lynne Warren.